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Chasing butterflies leads biologist to illuminate global warming trend

Tweet This story was published on the Research page of the University of Texas at Austin website. Camille Parmesan grew up in Houston, where oil was not only the city’s business, it was her family’s business. Her mother, Dorothy Johnson Parmesan was a geologist for Magnolia Oil Co., and Parmesan’s sister, Anne Gafford, now works […]

Love having written and getting paid for it

Tweet Here’s a part of the story that didn’t fit in the one I wrote for Part of the motivation behind is to help writers get paid for writing, according to Josh Kerr, one of Written’s four co-founders and the company’s chief executive. Kerr says paychecks don’t often reflect the contributions that […]

WP Engine Revs Up on WordPress

Tweet It’s Ticketpalooza Day at WP Engine, the Austin-based company that offers managed hosting services for WordPress-based websites. About 30 members of the company’s support staff are gathered around two long tables fielding calls from customers having problems with their websites. The support reps tap on their laptops, lean over to look at a neighbor’s computer […]

Solving the Breast Cancer Puzzle

Tweet The way Stanislav Emelianov puts it, Mother Nature presented us with the puzzle of breast cancer. But Mother Nature has also provided the tools with which we solve the puzzle. Emelianov and other researchers in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin give Mother Nature a boost with their engineering acumen […] Wants to Bring Content and Companies Together

Tweet As advertising becomes more pervasive (is that even possible?), it’s harder for companies to find ways to make their brands stand out. One way is to associate the brand with authoritative and objective content that makes the reader more knowledgeable about what the company sells. But getting the content that attracts the right audience […]