Written.com Wants to Bring Content and Companies Together

Tweet As advertising becomes more pervasive (is that even possible?), it’s harder for companies to find ways to make their brands stand out. One way is to associate the brand with authoritative and objective content that makes the reader more knowledgeable about what the company sells. But getting the content that attracts the right audience […]

A look back at Saugatuck

Tweet Vacations are pretty much over for the summer. Mary went back to school this week. The Little Nippers showed up on Tuesday. Such joy! Katie goes back next week. And Kiefer’s off to college! Chris goes back—or not—whenever the heck she feels like. So here’s a quick look back: Saugatuck Day One Most of […]


Tweet It’s 3:34 p.m. EDT and everyone coming from Danville has made it to Saugatuck. We were greeted by Aunt Chris, who was waiting at the pool, of course. When the rest of the Denver-based part of the clan gets here that will be everybody. Except Erik.Hurry up, dude! Let the fun begin!!!! First food. […]

Susie’s birthday

Tweet Happy birthday, Susie! Today is Susie’s birthday, but we’ll properly celebrate it in Saugatuck. Just don’t expect her to make the lasagna.

Activities: Wiffle ball and fishing

Tweet The Reiks have ideas for Saugatuck activities. Here’s what Aunt Mary has to say: O.K., you Koebrich’s, Lou and Anna just had a great idea: we MUST play wiffle ball, like we used to at the lake. They figured we could make about 4 teams!!! We could play on the beach, or find some […]

Soggy Tuck?

Tweet The weather forecasts for Saugatuck this week show chances of rain. That means everyone has to put on their karma kaps and think sunny thoughts. We need to keep Saugatuck the sun and fun capital of the Western Michigan shore! Isn’t that what the postcards say? Susie and I will try to bring some […]

There will be food

Tweet It’s just 8 a.m. in Sagatuck and someone is thinking about dinner. You know who you are! Terry and Carol will scope about breakfast places across the river and there are crunchy hot dogs for lunch. For dinner, all that’s needed is a restaurant with an eclectic menu, can seat a party of nearly […]

Remember the time in Saugatuck … ?

Tweet Remember sand making the hot dogs from the beach cookouts extra crunchy? Climbing the stairs to the top of Old Baldy and running down the other side into Lake Michigan? Remember? Cabin No. 7 with the claw foot tub? Burying people in the sand? Remember? The old root beer stand shaped like a root […]

Saugatuck in sight

Tweet It’s been about 40 or so years since the Koebrich clan descended on Saugatuck en masse. Then it was one car with 9 to 11 people. Now people are coming from as far away as California and Texas and Georgia and Missouri and Colorado (I keep thinking of more states to add. Others?) No […]